Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

iPitch is an automated, on-demand, one-way video interviewing function that replaces traditional recruitment and efficiently shortlists candidates for you. Whether you are an employer or a recruiter, you can set the parameters of the questions, whether in video or written format, and the candidate has to answer them in real time, simulating a live interview. The review process is seamless, you can review multiple interviews in a matter of minutes, and you can do it all at your own time that is convenient for you. Our proprietary software allows you to rate and shortlist as you go through each one and all the information is captured on the cloud
1. You set up the parameters of the interview, including the format of it, and the amount of thinking and response time the candidate gets, and when the iPitch will expire 2. Candidates respond via their computer or mobile at any time they wish. 3. You can then review these responses on your portal at any time you wish. With each response, you can make a comment, give a rating and shortlist the candidate if you choose
Efficiency, quality and convenience! iPitch will literally save hundreds of hours in your recruitment shortlisting process. You don't have to call/email to schedule phone calls or interviews. And you don't have to waste time doing the interview yourself. It's all done at everyone's convenience for both you and the candidate. Hours become minutes with iPitch!
iPitch is not just an efficient shortlisting tool. The landscape of recruiting and finding quality people is changing, and iPitch is a leader in this revolution. 1. iPitch Competitions: Whether you have a problem that needs solving or requires some innovative thinking then the iPitch competition is the perfect platform. The competition you create is totally bespoke and the candidates will compete for rewards or opportunities that are sponsored by you. The future of interviewing and attracting quality candidates is here now. 2. Unsolicited iPitch: For all our candidates on our platform, we offer the unsolicited iPitch. This allows a candidate the opportunity to make a pitch to you without you even asking for it! Instead of wasting your time, the iPitch team will screen these on your behalf and only send you a shortlist. Sometimes the best things in life happen when you don't even ask for it!
Whether you are a small business or a multinational company with thousands of applicants, our software can tailor your requirements. Please contact us to discuss
Yes! You don’t even need a computer. When using your mobile/tablet, you must set up your iPitch by downloading the iCareer application from your relevant app store. Candidates can also complete the iPitch via mobile/tablet although we recommend them to use their computer/laptop for a more professional appearance