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Whether you’re a candidate or an employer we facilitate placement of quality candidates in the most efficient and convenient way possible. We also offer the opportunity for candidates and job seekers to pitch their credentials to employers on an unsolicited basis. Let us help you get in the front door of your dream job.

Don’t have a subscription to the Financial Review or time to read long business articles? We have your daily business news covered for you in summary form. And it’s free!!

Discussion and networking with specific industry professionals

Build your Digital CV which will become the future of how all employers will look at CV's.

Our Story

Through our years of experience in the business world we noticed with our friends and colleagues that so many professionals between 20 & 45 were dissatisfied with their career or had chosen the wrong path at graduation. We wanted a solution that would help graduates and professionals find a path they were better suited to, and then enabled them to connect with those industry specific people; not only their peers but their potential employers also, to help them advance their career. As a result, the concept of iCareer was born.
We then noticed that part of the problem was in the recruitment industry itself which has not advanced at all in the last 30 years. The old fashioned model of HR, CV review, and a 5 step interview process introduces significant bias and does not attract genuine and diverse talent. What if we could revolutionise this, saving cost and time, and delivering quality and efficiency. Well we have delivered on this and iPitch is the result.